Humboldt County offers unique shopping experiences that emphasize sustainable, locally made, hand-crafted products. Each with their own distinct identity, Humboldt's shopping hubs have everything from souvenirs to housewares, clothing to fine art.


Don’t Show Up Empty Handed

Gifts for your host or hostess

By Lynn Leishman | Fall/Winter 2019

Raise A Glass

By Lynn Leishman | Summer/Fall 2019

More Than Skin Deep

By Cassie Curatolo | Spring/Summer 2019

Marvelous Miscellany

Many Hands Gallery

By Gabrielle Gopinath | Winter/Spring 2019

The Green Scene

A tour of two Humboldt County
cannabis dispensaries

By Thomas Oliver | Winter/Spring 2019

Clothes to the Heart

Vintage Avenger in Arcata

By Gabrielle Gopinath | Winter/Spring 2019


Dune Ecosystem Restoration

Dune Ecosystem Restoration @ Humboldt Coastal Nature Center

Every third Saturday, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

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